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Step by step guide to register at Thebestforexaccounts.com

Step by step guide to register at Thebestforexaccounts's website.

Step 1. - Visit here thebestforexaccounts.com.

the best forex acccounts

Step 2. - When you are there click ' Start investment '.

best managed forex account

Step 3. - On this page fill out the from then click ' Submit '.

managed forex accounts

Step 4. - After registration you will receive an email to complete your registration.

asset management account

Step 5.
- In this email you will get your ' partner ID ' from Perfecto FX and you need to click a link to finish your registration.

managed account service

Step 6. - You also get your temporary password that you can change anytime.

how to start forex trading

Step 7. - When you clicked the link in your email you get to Perfecto FX's website where you're allowed to login.

how to do forex trading

That's it !

Now you can use the the most reliable managed forex accounts service to start investment.

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