2016. május 9., hétfő

Detailed monthly results of the managed forex accounts

best forex accounts

Weak labour market data were published on Friday in the USA.

The growth was significantly worse than the forecasts in the non-farm sector, so the increase of raise of interest rate can shift. The most important stock market indices were slightly decreased on the previous week too. 

Our best forex accounts started this month with fantastic trades. Only EUR/USD trades were opened on the previous week by our account managers. All positions were day trade, so no open positions left for the weekend. 

Please have a look at the returns achieved during week 18 2016

  • Emerald: +0.28%

  • Supreme: +0.21%

  • Optimum: +0.46%

The following net performances have our products achieved since their inceptions:

  • Emerald: +209.50% since its inception, +1.87% monthly average

  • Supreme: +150.87% since its inception, +1.45% monthly average

  • Optimum: +205.16% since its inception, +1.61% monthly average

Discover detailed monthly results of the accounts since their inception: Click here for detailed monthly results.

Read our previuos article about account creation.

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