2016. május 17., kedd

Our managed forex accounts performance are growing

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Stock indices

The slight downturn have continued on the world leading stock indices last week also. 

In the USA the tense market sentiment is caused by the worries about the growth and the shifting of the raise of interest rates. In any case the raw material market have started to strengthen, the currency of the American WTI oil have a new yearly record last week. 

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Despite the decreases on the stock market our managed forex accounts performance are growing week by week. Our partners could see growth on all three account types, in which our account managers mainly traded on the GBP/USD positions last week.

Have a look at the returns achieved during week 19 2016: 

  • Emerald+0.79%

  • Supreme: +0.54%

  • Optimum: +0.57%

The following net performances have our products achieved since their inceptions:

  • Emerald: +209.50% since its inception, +1.87% monthly average

  • Supreme: +150.87% since its inception, +1.45% monthly average

  • Optimum: +205.16% since its inception, +1.61% monthly average

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