2016. május 30., hétfő

The best time to trade forex

managed fx accounts

This trading week is going to be exciting

Several important market event will be moving the markets. The Americans and the British are celebrating a birthday on Monday, however later some Chinese market data cause a stir.

On the second half of the week the interest rate decision of the ECB and important labor market data from the USA will guarantee the exciting trading. Constant growth characterised our managed fx accounts last week also. We were able to realize profit on the Emerald, the Supreme and the Optimum accounts on the last full week of May too.

Profit making

This time the opened and closed positions were only on the GBP/USD currency pair. In terms of hit ratio our account managers have done 100%, which means that they closed every trade with profit, just like the previous week.

Have a look at the returns achieved during week 21 2016: 

Emerald: +0.38%
Supreme: +0.35%
Optimum: +0.41%

The following net performances have our products achieved since their inceptions: 

Emerald: +209.50% since its inception, +1.87% monthly average
Supreme: +150.87% since its inception, +1.45% monthly average
Optimum: +205.16% since its inception, +1.61% monthly average

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