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Managed forex accounts monthly gain in May

forex managed account services

Forex managed account services 

Some important news was published on Friday in the USA: The changes of employment in the non-agricultural sectors and The Latest Unemployment Rates. The NFP was particularly weak, it just approximately a quarter of the predictions.

Despite this the unemployment rate decreased from 5.0% to 4.7%.

That news is not modify the FED's plan about the interest rate but probably they do not increase the that in this month. After the first four months on this year, the May was closed with profits too in our fx managed accounts like the previous year. Our account managers took just a minimal risk in the previous week so they opened less trades for the important events on the markets.

Have a look at the returns achieved during week 22 2016:

Emerald: +0.13%
Supreme: +0.19%
Optimum: +0.09%

The following net performances have our products achieved since their inceptions:

Emerald: +209.50% since its inception, +1.84% monthly average
Supreme: +150.87% since its inception, +1.43% monthly average
Optimum: +205.16% since its inception, +1.58% monthly average

Monthly Gain in May:

EMERALD: +2,1%

SUPREME: +1,64%

OPTIMUM: +1,59%

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