2016. június 20., hétfő

Fresh managed forex investment news

managed forex investing

Managed forex investment news

The question about BREXIT will be revealed this week. The result is still uncertain, both scenario can occur on the referendum on Thursday. The stock markets are moved by which has the most chances, staying or exiting. 

The final results are going to be published on Friday morning. 

Due to the higher risks our account managers reduced the volume of the trading on our managed forex investing accounts. Despite this our partners could see a slightly growth in the yields on the previous week so the results of June are absolutely positive

Have a look at the returns achieved during week 24 2016: 

  • Emerald: +0.08%

  • Supreme: +0.14%

  • Optimum: 0.0%

The following net performances have our products achieved since their inceptions:

  • Emerald: +209.50% since its inception, +1.84% monthly average

  • Supreme: +150.87% since its inception, +1.43% monthly average

  • Optimum: +205.16% since its inception, +1.58% monthly avarage

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